Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Book Whisperer Introduction & Chapter 1

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When reading the introduction and chapter one I was encouraged and inspired to continue to share my passion for reading with my students. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"My source of credibility is that I am a teacher who inspires my students to read a lot and love reading long after they leave my class."
-Quoted from the Introduction to The Book Whisperer

I love this quote because this is the goal I have every year to create lifelong readers and lovers of books!

"I am convinced that if we show students how to embrace reading as a lifelong pursuit and not just a collection of skills for school performance, we will be doing what I believe we have been charged to do: create readers."
-Quoted from the Introduction to The Book Whisperer

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!!

"Reading is both a cognitive and an emotional journey. I discovered that it was my job as a teacher to equip the travelers, teach them what to do when they get lost, but ultimately, the journey is theirs alone."
-Quoted from the The Book Whisperer, Chapter 1, p. 16.

We are only their teachers for a short time, in that short time we must equip them to live out their journey on their own.

I inspire my students to be lifelong readers by modeling reading daily and by sharing my passion for it. It is amazing what happens after I share a new book or a new author. They all want to read the book I read and anything by that author. When they go to the media center they are searching for more Tacky the Penguin books or books by my favorite children's book author: Kevin Henkes. Each of my students has their own bag of books that they treasure. They love having "their books" that only they will read. I allow my students to choose what they read and I completely agree with  Donalyn Miller that students should have choice in what they read! My students have a passion for reading and ask all the time if they can read from their bag of books. What joy a teacher feels when students ask to read!!!

I am looking forward to reading more in The Book Whisperer!

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