Sunday, August 17, 2014

2nd Grade Daily Word Problems

I know it has been forever since I have posted on my little blog! Let's just say I have been busy!! A new school year has started and I have 20 wonderful children that are keeping me busy. The job of a teacher never seems to get easier. Since the Common Core roll out a few years back I have been obsessed with teaching math in a student friendly and conceptually focused manner. I truly believe that when students understand what they are doing it leads to better math skills that they can then apply to new concepts. Last year I started creating a new product with daily word problems. Over the summer I tweaked it and made some improvements and the result is 180 daily math word problems. I am using these each day with my 2nd Graders. Each day students solve one problem on their own and then we go over it as a class. The word problems cover the majority of the Math Common Core standards and present the material in deeper ways so that the students can deeply understand the concepts. Check out some samples below and you can grab it in my TPT shop HERE.