Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brain Bubbles

Brain Bubbles are designed to be "fun" educational short activities that students can complete when they finish their work. 

This was not my original idea, I found the idea on proteacher and adapted the idea to meet my needs. The original idea originated with and Mrs. Sanchez and Mrs. Gold, then Tonya0581 (proteacher name) brought the idea to proteacher. I don't want to take credit, simply share my finished project.

I only spent $5!

Here is what I used, for the bubbles I used dollar tree 10 pack mini storage containers (I used 40) and a $1 ice bucket from the dollar tree for the container. Total cost = $5.00

For my brain bubble questions I used the mailbox brain boosters that come in the magazines each month. I am a subscriber and was able to go online to their member only section and print 8 sheets for language arts and 8 sheets for math.

Here is how I am managing them:
I decided to change them every nine weeks so I created a label that is stuck on each question with the nine weeks and the number. I printed Language Arts questions on Yellow paper and Math on Green (it added some color too!)
I labeled each of the containers with colorful labels (1-40).

I may decide to add more later but, the container I choose only held about 40.

Students will fill out a postcard I made on Vista print to answer their brain bubble question and turn in to me. Here is a picture:

Here are some of my documents:

Brain Bubble Labels (PDF)
Brain Bubble Labels (Word Doc)

Brain Bubble Numbers
Brain Bubble Numbers (Word)

I have listed the websites that explain this idea in more detail.
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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Classroom Before Pictures

I have begun the daunting task of working in my classroom. Monday was the only day this week (due to district level profession development)  I was able to go but, I plan on going back next week. I am going to post my progress as I get going.

The Before...